• Country: United States
  • City: Rochester
  • Age: 48
  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: 80kg
Some guys just are not that interested in tiny little girls who make crying faces when the dick is too big for their holes. Other guys are not into sweet caring MILFs with nice soft flesh. What’s left in the end is a type of babe that guys are simultaneously scared of and turned on by. These are tough broads, who work out and can kick your ass, with bulging muscles, firm tits, and rock-hard ass. Nobody is more famous in this regard than Chyna. We all remember Chyna as an enforcer for Degeneration X in the World Wrestling Federation. Chyna went from enforcer to main-stage competitor and has kicked some serious ass as one of the strongest bitches in the ring, ever. Well, it soon happened that Chyna got a little bored just tossing around and slamming bodies without ripping off clothes and bringing her pussy into the picture. She started with some amateur videos and then went pro with the big studios. If you want to see a girl with pussy strength so magnificent, she could snap off a dick by flexing her kegel muscles, you need to see Chyna in action. Seriously, she could pull a tractor tied to a chain as long as the other end of that chain had a butt plug she could stick up her ass. Fucking Chyna is a full-on workout and fully competitive match, because if you fail to please her, you might end up a big loser.
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